As if Children

I recently spent a sun-blanketed weekend in Yosemite with Cara and mom to celebrate our wonderful mother's 60th birthday. There was a moment when we reached a breezy beach at the middle of our hike, and we sat in the shade of evergreens while young families gathered in the wadding pool of the river--gathered as we once had as children when we visited the park in the shadow of mountains and the inertia of our youth. I stood in the pool with millenial stones worn smooth at my feet and watched the parents standing still while their small children tested the waters and explored absolute freedom and the safety that family affords. I watched him in his green swimming trunks explore the realms of possibility with his hesitant steps leaning here and there and going in the direction that each thought hinted. These are the moments of realized possibility--these bite sized morsels of eternity. Paradise in a step.